About Us

What do you want?

About us?

Why do you care? 

Ugh, fine. 

Hi, we're DefineNoFilter. This store was built solely on the purpose to help send "difficult" and straight forward messages out there. Sometimes people just need to hear how you really feel and if you can't say it, we'll say it for you. Props to you if can say it without our help but go away. Thanks.

Some people take pictures and say "OMG NO FILTERRR".. like no shit? We can clearly see your smile lines from your fake ass smiles. We get it, you want to look like a psycho clown on a daily basis but some of us don't like clowns. Therefore, we don't like you. 

Anyways, we define it as being as transparent as possible and saying everything that's on your mind. We're huge advocates about being upfront. If you don't want guests over? Get them out! Don't invite them. What are you doing? You're such a beta. Don't be such a pushover. Just because you come off as straight forward, doesn't mean you're wrong. Can you come off the wrong way? Sure. But who cares when you're right? Right? (We just want to be right, fuck happiness).

We're constantly brainstorming of messages and designs. We always want to help you say what you want to say but won't so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to message us. We have no problem helping you get your message across. Be as rude as possible. But not so rude that you'd hurt our feelings (We're kidding. We have no feelings. Or friends...)

Definitely follow us on instagram and tag us with #definenofilter with your suggestions. If we like it, we might just DM you and send you it. Who knows, maybe that message would be towards you. Just saying.

Alright, that's enough about us. We're not that interesting. Now go away. Go bother someone else who can even begin to tolerate every word that comes out your mouth. Like why is your mouth still moving? Shut it. Shut it now. Stop. Stop it. 

What in the world did you just read? Why were you even on this page? Look where that got you. You're never getting that time back. Absolutely not.